Botanicus at Anthropology

If you're a denizen of the Holland Village area, then for sure you've already been to the Anthropology shop, full of the little creature comforts that make life softer, and better smelling.


But if you find that part of the town off your radar, now they've opened a second shop in the heart of town at The Raffles Marketplace, Raffles City. In a space filled with a wide array of unique furniture, accessories and lifestyle products painstakingly sourced from all around the world, you'll find exclusive furniture and homewares from G.O.D. Hong Kong, as well as chic ACME Made laptop carriers, Libella designer bedwear, or quirky Flea Circus accessories.

One great thing, from this magazine's home town of Prague (in the Czech Republic) is the line of Botanicus organic bath products. Already a legend there for their cakes of sweet smelling soap, a range of marmalades and sauces and beautiful sheets of natural paper, come see for yourself what a difference is made from all natural materials and crafting methods from the Czech countryside.