Giordano's Dry-Tech

Giordano's Dry-Tech clothing

Sweaty Betties (And Bens)...

Living in a clime where even thinking about going out can cause you to break out in a hard sweat, it's tough to deal with that clothing stickiness that gets you when you really need to walk somewhere quick.

Giordano's Dry-Tech clothingThe solution?

Try Giordano's Dry-Tech clothing, which has a high tech micro-fibre inner layer which sucks the moisture from your skin almost instantly and transmits it through to an outer layer made of pure cotton and knitted especially for swift drying and non-stickiness-ness. This incredibly breathable fabric allows fresh air in, and keeps your body temperature a bit cooler when you're physically active, perfect for the gym or beach!

There's a full range of clothing for people from all walks of life, for the ladies there are classic crop tops, tank tops, 3/4-sleeved tops and track pants, which are available long or cropped from just $19 - $39.

If you have active kiddies, they can go buck wild in a range of polo tee-shirts, tank tops, skirts, shorts and track pants from $16 to $29.

Giordano's Dry-Tech clothing

And of course, for the men who really need to keep cool in these days of global warming and economic struggles, you can sweat in style and no one will ever know.

I found out about these amazing garments when I went out and bought a few crew-necks and some shorts. They also have some sporty polo T-shirts, tank tops and matching track pants. And they're so affordable, it will be no sweat when you get the bill!