Levi's Spring Bottom Pants

Levi's Spring Bottom Pants

A look back with an old time jeans revivial perfect for Steam punks.

Turning the pages back to the turn of the last century, Levi's has come up with a couple of re-releases for the days of yore.

Pictured here is the 'Spring Bottom Pants', originally designed in the 1890s for those hard working men who dug holes in the ground, mined for gold and other precious metals, or just liked to live hard.

These cinchback, center-creased jeans come with elastic suspenders, and are really stylish with a slight French styling that was de rigor during the Gay 90s.

Other offerings (not pictured) include the 'Koverup', a one-piece denim worksuit that was quite popular with grease moneys in the early days of automobiling and 'The Sack Coat', based on the original Levi's jacket of 1910. All in all, an old style look that belongs in every Millennials' wardrobe.