A chair fit for a king, the OSIM iSymphonic

You've got a killer sound system and every latest audio gadget that comes out... but I bet there's one thing you don't have; the perfect chair to enjoy the sound on.

OSIM iSymphonicSure, that tony leather couch doesn't squeak like vinyl, but does it have a built-in microchip that detects the music's frequency and amplitude and translates them into synchronised massage motions?

Didn't think so.

Initially introduced in Singapore and Hong Kong, the OSIM iSymphonic accurately locates essential acupressure points and delivers an intensely satisfying massage.

This intelligent massage chair synchronises to audio-visual signals, delivering the world's first multi-sensory massage experience simply by hooking it up to your audio-visual entertainment system.

That means a multi-sensory massage synchronised to what you see and what you hear, giving new meaning to "sensurround"!

Additionally, there are five programmed health care courses and a manual massage selection. With all these sweet options, the iSymphonic AV gives users an infinite number of massage modes.

This $7,000 chair truly presents a whole new multi-sensory experience that will leave you relaxed, rejuvenated and entertained, bringing perfect harmony to your body, mind and soul. This is one massage experience you'll want to keep your eyes open for!

Ask for Felicia Chia at OSIM in Plaza Singapura, #03-09 Tel: +65 6339 3201 and also at www.osim.biz