virgins, saints and angels

Having travelled extensively in the land south of my state of California, I was always enthralled by the little details of the sacred you find in unexpected places.

Cheryl Finnegan jewelleryDrive through some side road, and discover an old Spanish church, full of mystical splendour, virgins, saints and angels.

Apparently my fascination was not unique, as Cheryl Finnegan was inspired to produce such masterpieces as you see here, inspired by the churches and crosses that adorn the little village of San Miguel de Allende.

The combination of colour, concept and design are rolled into incredible one-of-a-kind accessories to spice up your ensemble with a Latin flavour.

Cheryl emphasises that her accessories can be worn on the hair, as a belt, a choker, a necklace. "Don't just wear it one way!" she says.

Beautiful creations such as this San Benito Estrella Canasta Blue Buckle or the Paloma Rosary layered necklace with amber SWAROVSKI crystals and a large cross detail that has squared crystals at each point are currently available at VENUE Berlin @ Palais Renaissance.

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