VPR Matrix F.A. Porsche Design Laptop

Do you secretly wish your mangled-looking laptop would self-destruct so you can replace it?

VPR Matrix F.A. Porsche Design Laptop ReviewIt's not going to happen. So just do the next best thing and replace it, with a much, much hotter one - The VPR Matrix 220A5 laptop ($1,299. US).

Not only is this laptop super fast with 512MB of RAM and a smoking 2.2GHz Pentium 4-M processor, but it's silver and black magnesium case is also super thin and super light.

Hard-core processing power and compact frame sound like an oxymoron? Not any more! This laptop beat out almost all the other laptops in its class in speed tests, and it's only 2.9 kg and 31mm thick!

Think it's too good to be true? You haven't even heard the best of it! Listen up. The VPR Matrix 220A5 laptop was designed by none other than F.A. Porsche! It even says "Design by F.A. Porsche" in silver lettering right next to the sleek black keyboard. Not to mention that this sexy laptop has won numerous awards for its sleek design. Want even better news? Read on...

The VPR Matrix also features a 38.6cm widescreen display. Unlike many laptops, this screen is incredibly bright and crisp. So much so that we noticed a measurable difference between the screen on the VPR Matrix and the screens on other laptops. Everything else pales in comparison - literally!

Wondering if something so pretty could really have enough processing power for hard-core users? Not to worry - this puppy is blazingly fast and built for users who want to edit movies, download gigabytes of media, and stream Internet music - all at the same time.

Want proof? On a 550-MHz Pentium III machine, Adobe Photoshop Elements took 25 seconds to open - on the VPR Matrix it took less than two seconds. It's even rated to be faster than some 2.8GHz Pentiums! And you can listen to CDs when the computer is powered off!

The only beef we had was with the keyboard, as one of the keys popped off the first time we used it. Not a big problem though, as we reattached it and it hasn't come off since.

If you're new to laptops, there is a cute little video called "Bringing Home Technology' that is intended to teach you how to use your new computer, that is automatically launched the first time you power up. If you're not new, what the heck, watch it anyway! It'll remind you how smart you were to put your old computer or laptop out of its misery.

For more information, visit www.VPRMatrix.com