Brahms and Co, music to move your soul

No one makes coffee like the French and nothing's more French than the musical duo Brahms and Co., who are are currently making their home at the Scotts Lounge of the Grand Hyatt Singapore.

Brahms & Co.

Like a good coffee, you gotta have the right ingredients, and bring it all up to a boil for it to come out right. You can search all around the world to find the perfect blend of harmony and soulfulness, but without the right people brewing it up, it's just foul brown water.

But then there's Brahms and Co (pronounced Ko), brewmiesters extraordiniare, mixing up a heady mix of Latin inspired jazz music with a good dose of house vibes, perfectly prepared to serve you up a steaming hot fresh sound which is guaranteed to hit your sweet spot.

And you can bet that his suave duo takes their music seriously, as evidenced by their minimal black or white attire when performing. To watch Co on the stage, focused on every inflection pouring out from his body, one is instantly reminded of the perfectionist Miles Davis; so comparable are the two in their intensity.

Besides the turntables, keyboards and horn, the duo make their act unique by cleverly peppering it with the trippy effects of the Vocoder, which updates their almost completely classicalist jazz sound with the modern effects of a robot's voice.

In Paris, the duo are well known around the nightlife and dinner lounge circuit, but you needn't have gone that far to have heard of them, as they are making waves in Asia as well. I refer to their fantastic performance during the first half of the year in Jpan as well as Bangkok's Bed Supper Club and V9, the trendy bar in the Bangkok Sofitel Silom, where they wowed the crowd with their unique sound stylings.

Just signed to the prestigious Blue Note label, which will be releasing Brahms and Co's first album soon, this is your chance to catch them and tell your children "I saw them when..." so get on your hipster gear, grab your loved ones and head on down for a heady cup of sonic brew...