DEvolution to Revolution = Evolution - KaRavan

Pierre Ravan, KaRavan cover

Pierre Ravan's mission is spreading the love and creativity of house music...

Pierre is a music maestro who specializes in House Music, and in his hands, the turntable goes from being more than a piece of technology to a vibration generator which infiltrates every inch of your body. After many years on the decks playing venues as diverse as the biggest raves to the most intimate parties or the poshest fashion runways, Pierre's belief that house music is a spiritual journey that can heal the world comes through proudly on his latest 2-CD release of KaRavan.

With a soulful and deeper sound that explores a darker and progressive mood, he takes you on a journey across the sound spectrum, from Alpha to Omega, without ever missing a beat or an emotion. He ably shows that the thing about House music is that it is a genre of music that embraces all walks of life, regardless of racial or economic boundaries.

Having established itself over the past quarter century, it is understandable that some may dismiss it as being too focused on appearances and gimmicks. Nowdays if you have a certain look and can press a couple of computer controls, link them to some lyrical tracks, BAM!, you have a record. But that is not what real house music is. House music is spiritual and there is nothing better than getting on that dance floor and becoming engulfed with the sounds that leads you on a musical journey.

So we should all be thankful to Mr. Ravan for acknowledging the decline in the true elements and wanting to bring it back to the basics, and after the success of last year's KaRavan "Soul Liberation", Pierre has declared 2011 the year of "Evolution", conveying a true message of love through music that you can enjoy anytime of night or day.

Knowing he's creating music for a global audience, he's spent countless hours in the studios, while performing around the world, whether that's in Tallinn or Prague, Barcelona or Koln, or Dubai where he has a home. After the release late last summer on the Peppermintjam label, the urge to create led to a single for Conya label in Germany entitled "Eyes Should be Washed" in collaboration with SPIN SCIENCE of Estonia… truly a world voice for healing and peace.

As a DJ, he is more sought-after than ever before and celebrated all over the place, having spent more than a decade on the international DJ circuit. A well respected DJ, producer and remixer, he brings a new aura to the scene as well as different varieties of House music that he likes to call "Spiritual House". Depending on the location and crowd, he's able to either spin this unique mixture of fashion-friendly club house in plush bar sur­- roundings or his very distinguished version of house with a sly electro and progressive touch in big-room venues.

Pierre's history in Prague goes way back to the golden days of the House music scene here, and having long been a fan of his brand of House music, Think interviewed him when he was just starting out on his mission to bring more spirituality to the House music scene. (You can read it at So it is with a special joy to see that he has indeed evolved his style and vision into a masterpiece of good grooves.

Having explored the music-scape, he comes back to us with a blend of only the finest of all styles of House music from Soulful, Deep and Tribal to Dark and Progressive, from all corners of the globe in his latest release; the 2-CD compilation completing his whole journey, and you can join him starting with CD 1, DEvolution, where the music explores the baser parts of Evolution with a softer & deeper approach, slowly elevating the mood on the second CD, REvolution, which takes you on a world wide sound trip, building to a more deeper, and darker, while still progressive sound, with a techno spirit to complete the whole journey with heightened energy.

Seeking to return to his House roots in Prague, he brings his old school energy back with the musical journey of his KaRavan, a monthly residency at Sasazu on?Sept. 24th, the first gig being a marathon 14-hour set (starting at 7pm), starting off the evening with more soulful sound explorations and building up the energy 'til the morning sun greets the day.

As a former resident and long time fan of Prague's orignal House music venue, he also guest-starred at RadostFX on September's "Remember House" night, the popular reunion of old school deejays that made the Prague music scene famous around the world. He performed brilliantly at both appearances, but his night at Sasazu is be where he is in his element, with a canvas of time to really take you one a journey certain to leave you high on the vibrations of higher being. If you were unable to catch what the memorable night in September, you MUST be sure to check out his future appearances, which will be a further evolution of great times and pleasant surprises.

When?I asked him his thoughts on the evolution of Prague's music scene, he shared that "2011 is the first time in many years that I've come back to play in Prague again, first at Roxy, and you can feel that there is a new consciousness and warmness towards quality House music again. For a while there, people forgot about House music, but this year has been interesting, because there's so many House music festivals happening, and so many people now are coming back to House again. That's why I'm happy, that it's coming back again to the Czech Republic,

"Now is the right time to come back again, you know, a return to where I be­gan my journey, a return to the basics."

"Until today, I have released six compilations, KaRavan. This year is Evolution, because I can feel the whole world is evolving. There is around the world, Evolution, and Revolution, not just political, but spiritual, it has many meanings and is deeper, a new light, and it's all collected here in the journey I want to take people on. Sazasu has really opened up to this idea, which is fantastic, to give something to people, something new, and I really commend them for this vision."