Richie Rich

Richie Rich

Born in San Francisco, Richie found his early calling as a professional ice skater. He toured with the Ice Capades until he discovered the disco lights, elevating his sights to the challenges of pop stardom...

He followed his dreams to New York. "I love New York. The sparkle ... there's room for everyone. And everybody here tends to pay homage to one another. The people here are all in such a struggle together."

Richie didn't just lie idle, or dance 'tit dawn at Disco 2000. Richie had a dream. That vision became reality when he connected with Larry T, who wrote "Super Model" for Ru Paul. The result, "Love You A Million," was quickly picked up and pumped out, paving the way for a fun little summer of Richie Rich music.

Released on Unique New York Records, other tracks included "SuperStar" (best described as synthetic Richie, with hard techno nuances), ad the unity theme "Everybody Is A Star."

Currently working on his latest track, 'Congratulations,' and shopping for a major label, Richie disdains being forced into the molds of musical conformity.

"I mean, country music right now, it's just blowing America away. That doesn't mean I'm gonna go country. You have to stick to what you like, and I'm definitely into that 'lollipop' kind of music."

He draws inspiration from both the DJs that drive the city's pulse, and from the hardy souls who go out every night because they live for it and love it: the unsung heroes of the club scene who perform as themselves.

Describing his philosophy, he says "You just need to do, and don't worry about what other people tell you to do. When drag became really popular, I saw all these kids out here trying to be just like Ru Paul. But the whole "You better work!" thing, that means you had better work on being yourself. You gotta put your heart into what you love and just be good."

Originally published in Surface Magazine