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Let's face it. Internet is everything these days.

I try to always keep one analogy in mind: the Internet is a jungle and Web users are information foragers. No matter how brilliant a website's design, no matter how elegant its navigation, sooner or later visitors will decide whether to take action, and its the words that lead the way.


MassagePrague is a small business in the Czech Republic since the early 2000s. Their original site was all done in flash and didn't rank high in the search engines. I was hired to do a makeover of their site, and took the chance to write persuasive copy that is very SEO friendly.

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Massage Prague


CrazyTomato is a developer of mobile app and marketing solutions based in Prague and they needed improved copy for their website and turned to me. Below is the screengrab of the Czech version, scroll down to see the original English text.

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Crazy tomato

Crazy Tomato Mobile Communication Solutions: The right app, for the right user, at the right time.

Background: Located in the beautiful Czech capital of Prague for nearly a decade, CrazyTomato has grown from being a leader in the Czech market to a respected supplier in the international marketplace, providing innovative mobile communication solutions to a variety of world-class clients - on time and on budget.

Experience: Czech craftsmanship and attention to detail is legendary around the world, so you can be assured that our team of talented technicians and creative idea makers will work hard to bring you the optimal software solutions for your mobile communication projects.

Support: In today's "always on" digital culture, we know that responsive customer support is not a luxury, but a necessity, so we strive to provide our clients continuous support throughout all stages of their projects, with a working philosophy that puts total customer satisfaction above profits.


Wei-Hai Chu is more than just an accredited investor, he's also a digital evangelist with a passion for creative digital solutions. A board member of many Czech technology firms, he's a hands on leader who works side by side with his staff to bring you the best solutions for the best prices.

Pavel Miluka is the ideal CEO, because he knows how to get optimal results from systems operations. An IT engineer himself, he ensures both state-of-the-art practical and efficient tactical solutions are brought to every client's project.

Robert Knox has joined the company in the position of International Sales Director, where his many years of experience in the digital and media related business sectors [NOTE: Can't find any bio on him, so I'm guessing] means he understands what you're looking for and how Crazy Tomato can best deliver it.


The best deals are in your pocket!

Searching for your favorite store's deals has never been easier. Find discounts nearby for immediate savings with Akční Ceny.

● Native iOS and Android apps (supported by mobile web version) seamlessly brings users a quality experience regardless of which device they use.
● Search for offers by merchant or product, instantly!
● Browse offers from all major retailers.
● iOS and Android features allow users to browse announcements and offers even when offline.
● Innovative GPS support brings nearby offers to you, and shows you the easiest way to the stores.


A wonderful new tool for dealers, journalists and automotive enthusiasts…

Interactive features and engaging video content turns users into customers in this sleek showcase reflective of the Hyundai brand.

● Native iPad and Android tablet apps deliver a superiorly smooth user interface.
● Background updates on the latest news, reviews, models and prices.
● Discreet online monitoring allows targeted content analysis measured by click through rates.
● Dealerships and sales managers love the interactive configuration options.
● GPS support means easy access for users to locate service centers and dealerships.


In­store interactive technology made easy engagement with TaylorMade's customers a hole-in-one.

Passionate golfers eagerly anticipated the launch of the adjustable TaylorMade R1 Driver, and this clever application was developed to assist customers with finding the right fit for their game.

● A hybrid application using both HTML 5 and Native programming elements.
● Application and Device easily managed and updated remotely, discreetly.
● Seemless backend control allows instant content management and analytic reporting.
● GPS support for content and feature elements.
● For those without a data connection, the application also works in offline mode.


Finding a property is a snap with this Mobile Real Estate search engine and Agent Tool!

An innovative mobile platform developed specifically to connect sellers with buyers. Fully integrated with your local MLS.

● Developed both native iOS and Android applications.
● Easy to filter search engine allows users to customize their search parameters to fit their needs.
● Saves user's favorites and searches for easy reference.
● Full listing details include additional photos, community background and financial information about the property.
● Connect with agents via email or phone with a simple touch of the screen.


Simple solutions for the complex booking and reservation needs of hospitality services, sport venues, fitness centers and more.

This easy to use Desktop and iPad booking system is super user­ friendly and provides them personalized information based upon aggregated data via API.

● State-of-the-art User interface for the iPad.
● Responsive website interface with a minimalistic design smoothly displays on tablets and smartphones real ­time booking access.
● A powerful API allows external back-end booking solutions for receptionists and reservation desks.


Send global bulk text messages via the internet with the push of a button.

With no programming needed, this is the ideal solution for customers who need to communicate more than
50 000 messages per month.

● Enables users to reliably deliver SMSes worldwide.
● High volume delivering capacity, sends up to 100 SMS per second!
● SMS are delivered with a custom unique identifier (either number or text)
● Interacts with your existing Customer Relationship Management and E­commerce software via API.
● No set­up fees, monthly fees or minimum volume required, the user only pays for what they send.

Prague Thrift Shop

Prague Thrift Shop is the best known charity second hand shop in Prague and their previous site barely functioned. I was brought in to build them a new site that did all the functions they needed done, and that involved writing all the copy on the site as well.

Visit them at

Prague Thrift Shop

Risk Project Execution

The team at Risk Project Execution are well experienced at practical implementation and delivery of Agile SDLC and Project Management Principles. They were experiencing growth and needed a complete digital makeover, and hired me to help them with this. From a brand new logo to a dynamic website and SEO friendly copy, this is the result.


Mandate Communications web copy

Mandate logo



Created for the largest homegrown advertising agency in Singapore.


Brand Building, creatively executed, strategically measured.

Mandate Advertising International is a full-service brand marketing firm with over 30 years of experience in South East Asia. Our mission is to help our clients realize the market moving potential of their brand through the careful application of strategic marketing communications. Our insights into media markets, audience demography, brand positioning and channel penetration allow us to create communications which engage and captivate the right target audiences.

Technology and process continues to play an important role in brand elevation, and we've embraced a data-driven analytic approach to marketing communications. At Mandate International, our success is measured by long-term client satisfaction in our ability to produce consistent results and competitive advantages.

Mandate offers you the following services.

• Brand marketing strategies

• Horizontal communication planning

• Quantitative and Qualitative market research and analysis

• Marcom planning

• Brand identity and optimisation

• Production of TVC, DM, Ambient and print advertising communications

• Online Advertising

• Public Relations and Press Relations

• Events, Roadshows & Exhibitions

• Web site design, development and Rich internet applications

• Marketing communication measurement, monitoring and optimisation


Here goes a list of clients, locals, past and present

Integrated communications

Our offices in Singapore and Malaysia means we are responsive and aware of local market conditions. Our various teams and departments can provide solutions for all your Marcom and brand building needs. In addition to our own network, we also have built strategic alliance with offices in Bangkok, China, Indonesia and the Philippines to ensure full capability in other markets should the need arise. Our affiliation with a network of homegrown independent agencies in the EU and USA means our expertise and their knowledge of local markets ensures success anywhere on the globe.


Here we need to keep the short bios with pictures of the key agency individuals


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Two forms: Proposal request form and job application form. also include a map, and link to street directory directions.


Marketing as a Science (THE SCIENCE)

The main benefit of a holistic return-on-marketing investment monitoring system is that you can connect brand management through creative campaign execution to your business performance. A powerful tool indeed when utilised to continuously improve your marketing efforts, it gives you a better picture than the static report which only measures one point in time of your marketing cycle. Effective research, combined with media measurements and analysis, the Mandate method delivers insights which can be converted into stronger market gains.

The Mandate Method reveals:

Category, market, brand competition and consumer insights to better inform brand positioning, leading to more successful campaign executions.

We specialise in massaging this insight to drive segmented or niche personality driven communications.

Our experience in media buying/placement helps us to optimise, track and fine-tune marketing spend, while also capitalising on innovative new ways of gaining mind-share for our clients.

The details are in the technology

In today's increasingly competitive interactive environment, big ideas are very important. That's why, in order to really develop your online presence you need the sharpest minds developing your solutions.

Mandate delivers results in the digital realm because we have the right creative attitude to think beyond the box... developing strategies that prove over and over again how to elevate your brand above the clutter competing for consumer's attention.

We've got the right people to implement the processes, programmes and applications you need to succeed. Whether its just a simple emailer campaign to the development of commercial blogs, Rich Internet applications, Content syndication, streaming or live video, content management or an improved user experience at your company portal, Mandate can make it work flawlessly.

Case Studies

Show case 2 to 4 examples


Maximize results with measurement. There are three ways to make sure you get the best results from your marketing dollar.

• Brand Perception. These studies focus on consumers functional, emotional and subliminal relationships to your brand, and how they drive theirs conclusions. This ranges from awareness and familiarity to brand relevance in establishing preference for your brand.

• Performance Measures. These studies help you to gauge how the combined brand building exercises have come together to drive your overall marketing returns, and can be measured at the campaign level (immediate response, cost per lead generated, etc.) to market saturation (depth of channel penetration, channel quality, and channel velocity) and can even give you a picture of performance on key issues like price premiums, consumer loyalty and the lifetime value of a consumer.

• The bottom line. Financial analysis which report the economic metrics, such as for revenue growth or the return-on-investment year on year.

Collectively, these monitoring activities allow you to judge the effectiveness of your marketing efforts in regards to your brand investments and how they impact your bottom line.

In addition, we offer proprietary tools that quantify this data so that you can take quick and effective action to stewarding your brand. These include....

(keep copy from existing FastFacts (reporting system)


The Art of Creatively Marketing (THE ART)

Creativity applied in a strategic manner is the hallmark of our work at Mandate. Creating ad campaigns that focus on winning you more customers than awards, means our creative is driven by critical processes and strategic analysis. Your brand will gain traction with the consumer because we utilise quantitate data to identify, segment and communicate with the right target audience for your brand.

Mandate speaks media. We know how to craft a message which works horizontally for all your communications channels, providing you with stylised and highly individualistic points of connection with your existing and potential customers.

Creativity is a process.

This process goes through four distinct phases to develop strategic creative solutions to your communication challenges. Working closely with the client in a collaborative process, we can elevate your brand's profile. Our clients have experienced levels of success beyond their expectations as a result of this process.


Our staff helps you to define your ROI objectives by collecting data and analysing data, interviewing key stake-holders, studying the competition and identifying the ideal target audience.


Indepth analysis of the collected data enables us to formulate with our clients a consensus on marketing strategies, brand positioning, content formulation and standards of measure.


Executing a variety of creative solutions, we then fine-tune them to ensure maximum success before putting them into the public mindspace across all media platforms. This is when we begin result monitoring processes.

Fine Tuning

By measuring and monitoring target market responsiveness to these initiatives on an on-going basis, we can fine tune the creative, media channel and strategy as needed to optimise the results.

Life Nutrition Products

A series of product descriptions I wrote for the manufacture's website (, distilled down from very detailed product info sheets.

Whole Food Men’s Everyday PlusWhole Food Men’s Everyday Plus
Did you know your diet might not provide the complete range of nutrients your body needs, especially if you eat cooked and processed foods? Critical nutrients essential for growth and wellness are important, which is why Whole Food Men’s Everyday Plus, specifically designed for men, provides 23 essential vitamins and minerals that your body needs on a daily basis. This supplement, made from 100% natural whole-food ingredients, allows better nutrient absorption by increasing potency in your body when compared to ordinary synthetic vitamins. Discover the power of ingredients such as Organic Ginkgo Biloba, Organic Lycopene, and Organic Saw Palmetto to improve wellness, stamina and energy.

Whole Food Women’s Everyday PlusWhole Food Women’s Everyday Plus
The stresses of modern life can really take a toll on women’s health, therefore Whole Food Women’s Everyday Plus has been formulated to provide 24 of the essential vitamins and minerals, which your body may not be able to absorb from your daily dietary intake. Whole Food Women’s Everyday Plus is made from 100% natural whole food ingredients, allowing for better absorption and increasing its potency in your body compared to common synthetic vitamins. Other healthful ingredients include Organic Cranberry, Organic Licorice, and Organic Raspberry leaves, specifically designed to enhance a women’s health.

Whole Food Cal-C with Probiotics
The modern diet most people consume today contains a lot of processed and cooked foods, processes that often eliminate the essential nutrients your body needs to grow healthy and repair itself. This is why we created Whole Food Cal-C with Probiotics from whole foods, to provide you with a rich source of 100% natural Calcium, Vitamin C and Probiotics for optimal nutrient absorption. The berry-flavored chewable tablets with a taste everybody loves are especially formulated with less sugar, making them perfect in helping your children maintain natural immune defenses, stronger bones, and a healthy digestive system.

Resveratrol Plus
The Romans had a saying; “In vino veritas” in wine, truth, and science has proven conclusively the truth about the power of wine to naturally improve one’s health and vigor. Resveratrol Plus is formulated with that powerful cancer and age defying substance found in grape skins, Resveratrol, which medical research suggests activates the SIRT1 Anti-aging gene. Amazingly, just one Resveratrol Plus capsule is equivalent to the health benefits of 200 glasses of red wine! Use this supplement regularly and you may find the effective boost of energy that will make you feel and look as good as you’ve always desired.

Men’s ReViva Essentials
For centuries, the quest to discover the secrets of staying young has fascinated cultures around the world, a quest that continues to this very day in scientific laboratories. But this quest has paid off with the creation of one of the most natural and powerful blends of anti-aging remedies known to men, Men’s ReViva Essentials. Designed to help your body replace lost youthfulness, vitality and attractiveness, our formula can provide a significant boost of energy, alertness, and endurance to provide you with healthier skin and a restored sex life, as well as an increased immunity from seasonal illnesses.

Women’s ReViva Essentials
Introducing Women’s ReViva Essentials, one of the most natural and unique blends of anti-aging remedies known today. Scientifically designed to help your body regain youthfulness, vitality and attractiveness, Women’s ReViva Essentials can free you from the debilitating symptoms of PMS and menopause, age spots and wrinkles, all while enhancing beautifully radiant skin tone, a restored sex life and increased immunity from seasonal illnesses. Try Women’s ReViva Essentials and give your body the nutritional support it needs today to regulate how your body reacts to stress, and counteract its harmful effects on the ageing process with

Deep Sea Fish Oil
For you and your loved one’s optimal health, our Deep Sea Fish Oil softgel capsules contain a high concentration of Omega-3 fatty acids (300mg EPA and 200mg DHA), made from the purest pharmaceutical grade Norwegian fish oil, molecularly distilled to guarantee it to be free of toxins and heavy metals. Regular intake of Omega-3 fatty acids is recommended by doctors for maintaining cardiovascular, brain and vision health at its peak. Other significant benefits of deep sea fish oil include a more balanced mood, while regulating blood pressure and cholesterol levels and aids in the prevention of arthritis and inflammation.

Fish Oil Junior with Lemon Flavor
Fish Oil Junior offers a high-DHA supplement from Norwegian deep-sea fish eyes for the healthy growth of your children’s brain, vision and nervous system development, key components to a healthier, happier future. Formulated with a refreshing lemon flavor, our pharmaceutical-grade fish oil provides your children with a safer and tastier intake of this wonderfully natural nutrient. This supplement is also beneficial for pregnant and breast-feeding mothers by supplying a boost of DHA and AA to your offspring. Boost your body's nervous system, support healthy brain growth and enhance your heart’s health with this wonderful supplement and see the difference purity makes.

If you’ve been feeling under the weather lately, tired and lacking energy, your body is trying to tell you something; it needs your help to put up its best defense, which is why anti-oxidants are so crucial to optimal health. With an extraordinary blend of anti-oxidants such as Grape Seed Extract, Green Tea, and Ginkgo Biloba, you can protect your body against the free radicals in the environment that can lead to certain life-threatening diseases. Resveratrol, Red Wine Extract, Quercetin and Bioflavonoids are complimentary nutrients we’ve added to increase the potency and effectiveness of this amazing supplement.

Chondroitin Plus
If you’re active in sports or suffer from an injury or aging, Chondroitin Complex is the comprehensive high-potency formula to help you repair joint wear and tear, while reducing inflammation and relieving the swelling of soft tissues. Nature’s Boswellin and Turmeric are two anti-inflammatory agents that help to reduce joint pain and stiffness more effectively, while Chondroitin sulfate and Mehtylslfonylmethane (MSM) are effective in repairing joint tissues. For better results, take this supplement regularly with Deep Sea Fish Oil to lubricate joints and get you back in the swing of things.

Organic Acai Berry with Pomegranate
Organic Acai Berries have been named as one of the most nutritious fruits the world over, loaded with high ORAC anti-oxidant power and a rich supply of natural amino acids, Omega fats, vitamins and minerals. Pomegranate, another power fruit, is an excellent source of Vitamin C, folic acid and free radical fighting anti-oxidants. With the natural marriage of these two anti-oxidant rich fruits, our blend provides powerful benefits for your health, ranging from increased energy, healthier skin, maintaining optimal weight, as well as helping you sleep more restfully.

HSBC CMB Website

As part of the roll out of the Global CMB campaign, this microsite (by JWT HK) was created to showcase HSBC's local knowledge. Working closely with the Digital CD, we took the stories from the print ads and gave them more depth and background, and the chance to win a grant for innovation in business planning.