About me


Hi, My name is Jeffree, and no, I'm not the You-Tube pop sensation Jeffree Star. I'm the other Jeffree; magazine publisher, bar owner, creative director, copywriter and world traveler.

I have been creating innovative marketing solutions across all media channels for major global and national brands in California, Eastern Europe and Asia (since before the internet), providing creative break-though solutions that make a real difference to my client's marketing and media initiatives.

Long a leader with many firsts in my toolbox, I understand that in the marketing arena, the role for brands is to create unique experiences for consumers to help brands win the hearts. This involves helping them and their audience look cool or fun in front of their friends and followers. Influencing the opinion leaders and all that. Sharp strategic thinking skills, proven effective creative and insightful analytical capabilities, I hope you'll find makes me the ideal partner to build upon your brand's momentum in the marketing and media arena.

A former CD at JWT and McCann Erickson, I now work freelance providing services to companies that need branding; increasing their profile among consumers; rethinking their brand strategy; evolving to expand their customer base, as well as creating awareness in ways that enhance their company.

Services can range from brochures, interactive media, print advertisements, TVC, logo development, and other forms of getting the message across through event, promotions, and new alternative forms that acknowledge the target market.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discover what it takes to make truly unique, integrated, marketing ideas for a smarter, faster world, that while looking like its chasing awards, is actually more focused on driving business success for my clients.

Jeffree penmanship

(The secret to great copywriting is penmanship, see?)