About me


Hi, My name is Jeffree, and no, I'm not the You-Tube pop sensation Jeffree Star. I'm the other Jeffree; magazine publisher, bar owner, creative director, copywriter and world traveler.

I have been creating innovative marketing solutions across all media channels for major global and national brands in California, Eastern Europe and Asia (since before the internet), providing creative break-though solutions that make a real difference to my client's marketing and media initiatives.

Long a leader with many firsts in my toolbox, I understand that in the marketing arena, the role for brands is to create unique experiences for consumers to help brands win the hearts. This involves helping them and their audience look cool or fun in front of their friends and followers. Influencing the opinion leaders and all that. Sharp strategic thinking skills, proven effective creative and insightful analytical capabilities, I hope you'll find makes me the ideal partner to build upon your brand's momentum in the marketing and media arena.

A former CD at JWT and McCann Erickson, I now work freelance providing services to companies that need branding; increasing their profile among consumers; rethinking their brand strategy; evolving to expand their customer base, as well as creating awareness in ways that enhance their company.

Services can range from brochures, interactive media, print advertisements, TVC, logo development, and other forms of getting the message across through event, promotions, and new alternative forms that acknowledge the target market.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discover what it takes to make truly unique, integrated, marketing ideas for a smarter, faster world, that while looking like its chasing awards, is actually more focused on driving business success for my clients.

Jeffree penmanship

(The secret to great copywriting is penmanship, see?)

Living in Singapore, book

Published by the American Association of Singapore, Living in Singapore is the ultimate guide for westerners seeking to adapt with minimal culture shock.

Helping people adapt to other cultures is something every world traveler would love to share, and the Tenth Edition of this reference guide was broadened in order to appeal to the resident English-speaking community in Singapore as well. It includes critical information useful for individuals interested in setting up small businesses and for those moving to Singapore without the support of large corporate human resource departments.

Click the image above to buy the book, or enjoy browsing a couple chapters of my writing here:

Living in Singapore, Dining Living in Singapore, Nightlife

My communication philosophy

From the earliest age we look upon the world around us, seeking noema; meaning and understanding. It is a process which ends only at the gates to the afterlife itself, or increasingly, at the doors to the creative production process.

Noema is the Greek word for "the meaning of something". It is the representation of an experience, the projection of one's own experience onto oneself. In perception, be it of ideas, objects or desires, the mind breaks down external experiences into what we know as external reality. This is the realm of thought where we experience media and advertising.

Noesis (the ability to sense or know something immediately) is the thinking process that most marketing communications now days seeks to evoke. However, an over-saturation of this practice in the mediascape and changing media consumption habits has reduced the overall effectiveness of immediacy. The missing key to this process is communications which enable the viewer to detect the meaning of the object itself (the noema), and not just the emotional representation, (the noesis).

There is a noema corresponding to every act of memory, expectation, and representation, from a Simpson's cartoon to an Absolut Vodka ad; visual and verbal cues whereby something stated subtly or obscurely is nevertheless intended to be understood or worked out, the "hook" that yields meaning upon detailed reflection.

All good communications involve intellectual activity, but the best communications combine the idea, and the perception of that idea, into a holistic whole. A message which combines thought and perception can work across demographics to maximize the effectiveness of your communications.

Sadly, one or the other is missing from most modern marketing communications, costing advertisers and publishers valuable mind-share when they 'dumb down' or cut concepts in the drive to reach the lowest common denominator.

Well-crafted communications should first and foremost, attract the viewer's attention. It should be easy to read and grasp, but most importantly it must have a lasting effect upon the viewer. It is worthless if no one is attracted to it or engages with it, it is wasted if no one remembers its message.

This is the philosophy behind my creativity.