Walker One Inhouse Magazine

Walker One Shoe Magazine

Walker One is a publication wrote in a creative partnership with Alvin Lim. The client, Walker Shoes, was in the midst of an expansion during a period of economic contraction. They were expanding into the China market, with plans to go global. We were brought in by their agency to produce a series of Walker One Magazines, a bilingual inhouse magazine showcasing prominent Asian celebrities and fashion trend forecasting of seasonal footwear and fashion trends.

L&MThe magazine was a very popular success in the stores chain outlets, helping them successfully increase sales of Acupuncture, one of the featured brands in the first issue. With rich photography shot to art directed specifications and in editorially interesting layouts, once we set the tone for the concept, the shoes as heroes and the flavours of fine European-style footwear made in Asia for an Asian Market, the title has continued on to this day...

Below is a link to a first draft for editing, check it out!

Download PDF (11.2mb)