Rodl & Partner Law DM campaigns

Rodl & Partners are a law firm in Europe, looking to attract new clients in Eastern Europe doing business in Western Europe. Key to their marketing strategy is a e-newsletter, and to get more people to subscribe they wanted to give a free flash-drive with archived newsletters on them, and entice the recipients of the free gift to go to the website.

I created these three strategies and concept visuals; copy writing and designing the mock ups for presentation by the agency before production began....

The first is "The Red String"

The Red String of Fate is a legend, that when we become involved in a matter with someone, it is the red thread of fate that binds us.

HEADLINE ON COVER: Intelligence is knowing how to make string...

The ball of actual red string on the front ties in a neat bow on a finger on the inside cover.

HEADLINE: "Wisdom is knowing how to make it work for you."

The 3rd panel will have sales copy, along the lines of "The Law has often been compared to a ball of string... if you don't know what you're doing you'll often end up in knots.

We're XXX and we've..." with company differentiation claims.... then:

Fourth panel has either a thumb drive tied, or better, just photo-illustrated with a reward for subscribing....

"Forewarned is Forearmed"

This concept is more tactile, with a red box with a cellophane window and a little plastic hammer connected to the side. It says "Break Glass in Emergency" and inside is the company's business card.

The box has a flap that opens, and inside there is an informative booklet: The Booklet is entitled "To Avoid Emergencies in the First Place, Subscribe to our Free Newsletter"

Inside, in addition to the firm's qualifications, is a message that the firm has the expert qualifications to deal with potential problems the potential clients might encounter, and the newsletter is rich with useful information.

"Knowledge is Power"

This one is A5 in size, but the fold hinges on the top. The cover is like any legal statue book in a law firm, and on the cover in gold emboss is: "Knowledge is Power".

The client opens up the book, they are intrigued by the cover title. They fold open the brochure and find a tall stack of law books headlined with "Power Corrupts" (a play on the famous quotation).

A couple of cases / judgments are called out in magnification, salacious lines from legal proceedings.

The body copy will call attention to potential pitfalls that can occur, losses that can damage the standing of the client's business when they have inadequate legal representation. The solution is the free newsletter with all the latest news and views from the Law Firm.