Hometown Hearing Aids Mailers

Hometown Hearing Aids is an owner operated hearing enhancement specialist in Central California, and they were looking to increase their client base by reaching out to their existing customers for referrels.

To that end, they decided on a two mailing DM campaign, to offer a gift certificate to popular local restaurants as a reward for customer loyalty. The first direct mailer is a pre-emptive thank you card informing them of the company's goal, with a kindly stating with a turn of phrase inviting them to contact the shop, or know that the shop will be contacting them.

For those that do respond with referrals, a gift card would be mailed to them containing the restaurant gift certificate. For this one, I photoshopped in a 3-D image of a music note (which symbolises sound) into a pair of cupped hands, holding it like a precious gift.

The client was very pleased with the results and the quick turnaround.