Guess Home Collection Retailer Invite

A retailer invite to raise awareness of the Guess Home Collection, I wrote the copy and brought in my hero designer Tyler Blick, who executed my art-nouveau design idea perfectly for the mailer, as well as the packaging labels...

Guess Home Collection Retailer InviteThe flavors of home we forever cradle in our memories derive from pleasures simple as life itself. The sound of rain, gently cascading down fog-laden windows. The way your skin feels against a warm comforter, enveloping you on a lazy morning. A freshly made bed, cool and inviting to the touch. All of which serve to remind us of the comforts of home.

Drape yourself in a plush robe, letting the familiarity caress you. Lay your head on a butter-soft pillowcase and hear the slight crushing of fiber beneath your weight.

Guess Home Collection labelThe GUESS Home Collection is the result of a boyhood friendship between Michael Benasra and the Marciano family; Paul, Maurice and Armand. Over twelve years ago they envisioned a world of grace, beauty and comfort. A philosophy evidenced throughout the entire GUESS line.

From the creator Michel Benasra, the inspiration behind Baby GUESS and GUESS Kids, comes the GUESS Home Collection. An all-natural, pre-washed world of color, texture and style. The GUESS Home Collection comes to you like an old friend; warm and comfortable.

"I am very comfortable moving into this new area of fabric and design, having spent so many years in the European linen market,: Benasra relates, referring to a youth spent in France working in his father's linen store.
"This line is a natural evolution for me and it fits so well with the spirit of GUESS. It's a look of fluid beauty and cherished comfort exuding quality craftsmanship."

Within the hearth lies the spirit of the heart and GUESS Home Collection proves that home is more than a place. It's a feeling.