HSBC - Grand Opening invite letter

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HSBC-RETAIL-Grand Opening invite letter

DM letter sent to potential Premier client's to announce the new opening of their flagship branch, in order to introduce them to the service.

HSBC is always looking at new ways to make your banking experience more pleasurable, and starting with the opening of our new HSBC flagship branch in Mongkok, you can enjoy greater convenience with a banking experience unlike anything you've ever seen before.

Introducing HSBC's new Oscar Class Service, a revolutionary cutting-edge banking arena designed with an array of amenities to make banking a little easier. HSBC knows that our strength comes from operational excellence and understanding your needs, so we've abandoned "banking as usual" to focus obses- sively on building a culture that exalts service.

Discover our new banking retail experience
Our 20,000-square-foot branch bristling with 37 service coun- ters includes a concierge-style customer service desk with a large flat-screen television for viewing financial information, bistro-style seating areas and internet banking terminals dis- playing the bank's products and services on-line. The atmosphere is warm and inviting too, with special energy friendly windows bringing sunlight directly into the banking hall for a more intimate feeling.

Extended Service Hours
In a first of it's kind offering in Hong Kong, HSBC exclusive- ly provides extended hours to serve all your banking needs, seven days a week! Customer care with a personal touch means you can enjoy greater basic services, Premier services, self-ser- vice banking and safe deposit box access, like never before.

Cutting-edge Technologies
In order to provide even more exceptional service, HSBC has taken advantage of the latest cutting-edge technologies to streamline and speed-up the banking process, which means less time in the queues and more time spent doing the things you enjoy. Electronic pen-on-screen input pads, convenient mo- bile PIN-based payment transaction devices and tablet-convertible ultra-mobile PCs all combine to give you eas- ier control of your money.

Professional and friendly staff
But these useful tools are not there to avoid interacting with customers, our specially trained and qualified staff in their smart uniforms are there to provide you with best-in-class serv- ice, always striving to help you with your banking needs in
every way possible.

New Retail Securities Centre
We've always provided an extremely high quality, speedy service to our customers, but the new environment allows us to respond to requests even more quickly. At our new Retail Se- curities Centre, you can trade stocks online, over the phone or at any of the staffed trading counters. With multiple channels for Local Securities Trading and a comprehensive range of value-added market information online and from HSBC's dedi- cated, experienced and professional staff, you can be sure to discover all the possibilities with such unprecedented service!

You're invited!
Come on in and experience for yourself how easily and effi- ciently you can control your banking, we'll be delighted to show you around our flagship branch! And to celebrate our new opening, during the promotional month of July you can enjoy the following exclusive offers when you visit us in Mongkok.