HSBC Insurance Sales Letter

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DM brochure sent with packet of information to office administrators responsible for employee insurance programmes.

HEADLINE: Freedom from worry is the ultimate freedom.

HSBC Insurance not only covers tangible assets such as property, capital, and production facilities, but something much more important, your 'heart', the way you feel about things that are most important to you. Because of this philosophy, HSBC goes beyond, providing unparalled support in providing you, your possessions and valuable employees a hassle-free living, now and for the future. Knowing that you care enough to provide HSBC Insurance creates a comforting sense of belonging amongst employees, motivating them to perform better, bringing more value to your business performance.

The most trustworthy support; the most reliable choice.

Let peace of mind guide your every step.
HSBC Insurance is the only product on the market that aims to set your mind at ease. The HSBC Group is one of the world's largest banking and financial services organisations. The Group's international network comprises more than 10,000 offices in 83 countries and territories around the world, providing an extensive range of banking and financial products and services, for both personal and corporate customers.

Secured by ample resources and a comprehensive support structure, HSBC Insurance has for the past 30 years provided high quality services to our customers, the natural result of a strong and prudent management developing a business culture that values foresight and creative thinking. Our experienced team of insurance professionals include knowledgeable and qualified underwriters, actuaries, accountants, registered nurses and dedicated customer service staff, a rich breadth of resources which enables us to develop innovative solutions that address our client's specific risk requirements, to best source insurance protection from all insurance markets to provide the peace of mind that customers have come to expect from HSBC.

An employee insurance plan like none other.
As a major provider of liability, life, marine, medical and property insurance, including pension plans, HSBC Insurance is a customer-focused organisation dedicated to providing quality products and services. Our services include comprehensive insurance programmes and tailor-made coverage for both corporate and individual customers. HSBC's "One-Stop" insurance service provides ease of use, making certain that the insurance needs of your employees are met, insuring your emotions as well as your valuables.

Products and services.

Group Life Insurance Plan
Enjoy flexibility when budgeting your human resources with a simple and scalable life insurance product perfect for companies with two to ten employees. Total and permanent disability benefit and five levels of coverage give your staff 24-hour worldwide protection and peace of mind.

Corporate HealthCare
Whether new or established, if you're a small or medium enterprises with two employees or more, you'll need an insurance plan that provides more than just basic hospital coverage. Outpatient care and personal accident protection with a flat premium rate structure that provides value-added services like free dental scaling and polishing services, makes for a healthy, happy and motivated workforce.

Group 100
With this specially designed plan, there's no need to worry, as you can control costs with six levels of coverage to choose from. Created to suit the needs of businesses with five to twenty employees, ease of use and flexibility provides basic hospital coverage while gives you a free choice of doctors and hospitals that you can use 24-hours a day, worldwide.

Like the name says, this coverage is portable, meaning you're covered even if you switch careers or settle into retirement. Available with a range of flexible options to suit your needs, PortaProtection also covers pre-existing conditions once you've been under coverage with the HSBC group medical scheme for at least a year. Perfect for people who live abroad or frequently travel overseas, it provides you and your dependents flexible medical coverage, no matter where life takes you.

Mandatory Provident Fund
Provides customers with the full range of services required to arrange and maintain a Mandatory Provident Fund scheme comprising administration, custodianship, fund management and trustee services; also offers diversified products to suit the needs of employees, helping to retain valuable employees and increase their sense of belonging and well-being.
HSBC Insurance brings you complete peace of mind by providing comprehensive, quality professional services and products to meet all your insurance needs.

"I choose HSBC Insurance because it provides hassle-free protection to my employees, which makes them more passionate about the work they do. It really has helped increased our overall business performance!"