HSBC - CEO Global CMB Letter

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HSBC-CMB-Letter From the CEO

Foreword from Sandy Flockheart

"HSBC's CMB division has worked hard to increase its global profile, and build upon past successes to become one of the bank's most significant profit generators. In line with our aim of strengthening our position as the leading financial institution, and to build upon the momentum of increasing awareness and continued expansion in the commercial banking sector, I believe further investment in marketing efforts will lead to our targeted consumer base having an increased awareness of, and preference for, the CMB brand as a vital tool for their financial management needs.

Already, our local expertise and global experience has lead to an expanding international profile, making it more important than ever to consistently deliver a consistently quality and recognizable advertising positioning to build upon this growth. Teamed with a new investment in relevant messaging, CMB and Group Marketing's undertaking of an iconic global advertising campaign will put us in a greater position to achieve our goal of providing solutions that make our clients successful.

Expanding upon previous efforts to showcase CMB's international strengths and our role in enabling our customers to achieve success on their terms, the new body of work, positioned around the concept that success can come from unexpected places and that CMB can help you discover new opportunities will provide a solid foundation for CMB teams in specific markets worldwide to build upon. Clear and instantly recognisable advertising guidelines will enable us to achieve a consistent look and feel for CMB globally, maximising our marketing impact while creating a successful core branding across all group communications."

Sandy Flockheart, CEO Global CMB