Vodafone Mass Mobile Internet Activation Campaign

Last year, Vodafone called a review pitch for their mobile and digital account, and I was hired as a freelancer by Mather to help them come up with new strategies for the pitch. This was a three part brief, the ones below being the main one for their campaign to raise awareness and increase subscriptions for their Mobile Internet offerings.

The follow materials are the proposals I prepared for consideration. The agency worked really hard to retain their client, but it turned out after the review that the client had already decided on moving the account before they called the pitch.

The first is the "Join the Mobile Internet Revolution" - which takes a counter culture approach to the freedom that mobile internet usage can give the consumer.

The second is "Meet the Mobiles" and plays upon the classic iconography of pedestrian crossing sign characters coming to life thanks to access to mobile internet (do note, you will need Keynote to view this one).

The third concept is "Don't be a House Fly" and introduces a character complementary to Vodafone's Busy Bees adverts, encouraging people to "Escape the WiFi" and live life more with mobile internet.

Join the Mobile Revolution

Download PDF (30mb)

Meet the Mobiles

Download .KEY (36.4mb)

Escape the WiFi

Download PDF (9.4mb)