The Future of Nephrology - Welcome Speech

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The Future of Nephrology is



And growing with every passing day


New Trends in the Treatment of Kidney Ailments

Giving new hope to sufferers of kidney disease


New research, improved medications

Preventing the conditions that cause kidney failure


New solutions and New gains being made,

Offering promising insight into the fields of prevention, genetics and xenotransplantation


New ways to treat anaemia holding much promise

New methods of assessment,

New trials underway to determined which treatments produce benefits,

and a greater knowledge of how the disease progresses


New demands for Nephrology treatment is steadily growing, as is the need for innovative partnerships and global networking.


Which is why it gives the National Kidney Foundation of Singapore great pleasure to present


The 2nd Annual NephroAsia Conference


Continuing the tradition of providing in-depth information about selected areas of nephrology


In a conference which has come to be recognized as a premier meeting for facilitating learning through close interaction amongst recognized experts and attendees in Asia

The coming together of the world’s top minds in an alliance of over 1,500 delegates from over 80 countries to find new ways to improve the lives of millions of kidney ailment sufferers

Pushing new frontiers, breaking old boundaries, you, the participants, with our many illustrious speakers from all branches of Nephrology and research, will scale new heights together in our battle to combat kidney disease

And Presenting our guest of Honour

Professor Tan Chorh Chuan, BBM
Director of Medical Services, Minister of Health

A Partnership of innovative and Cutting edge Organisations with one common endeavor
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A Coalition of the Finest and most Accomplished Personalities in the Medical Field...