NKF LifeForce Appreciation Night Script

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NKF-NKF LifeForce Appreciation Night Script


This night is dedicated to all of the patients of the NKF and the donors whose courageous and selfless decisions have made such an impact on so many lives.


We are so excited about your interest in being part of the NKF’s vital mission of saving lives.

The work that you have put into this programme is not simply because you wanted to see the programmes done.

Rather, you used your creative giftedness in order to bring health and hope to those less fortunate.

That effort has made a difference in the hearts and lives of children through the Children’s Medical Fund, which has benefited for the past 2 years from your time and effort, increasing in just one year the number of benficiaries from two thousand to more than three thousand chronically ill children and their families.

The NKF is committed to improving the health and quality of life of people living with kidney disease as well as others at risk.

You efforts make a very real contribution to the success of this mission, both today and in the future.

With the number of people living with kidney disease growing every day, our work must continue and, with the commitment of donors like you, it will.


LifeForce Pledge Drive Exceeds Goal

$3 Million target reached


The National Kidney Foundation of Singapore is successful only because of the generous support of donors and volunteers within the communities we serve.

The NKF is sincerely appreciative to all those individuals like the group gathered here tonight, who enabled us to raise $3 million, exceeding our goal and setting an all-time record.

Vital to our success this year was the LifeForce Volunteer Network, which graciously gave of its time and talents to this worthwhile cause. In this period of economic uncertainty, the success of our campaign was more important than ever.

The monies raised during this campaign will help ensure that many of the health care needs of those at risk will continue to be provided for, and your hard work has made such a positive impact on our community. Dialysis, patient transportation, organ transplantation, aid to the families of chronically ill children, youth and family services, as well as others, are critical in maintaining a vibrant and healthy Singapore.

Thank you for your generous support and for a great 2003 campaign!


“It’s What We Do. Together!”