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Bold, dashing and exquisitely crafted, Jeffree Benet’s PR copywriting skills makes the perfect communication choice for your entire PR needs


04 June 2013, PRAGUE – Created with the ultimate consumer response in mind, Jeffree Benet’s copywriting portfolio is unlike any other. Compromised of bold phrases and uncompromising quality with a style so sleek and daring, the example shown here exceeds demanding Marketing Industry standards.


Built to withstand even the most jaded reader’s dismissals, JEFFREE’s range of works span from engaging Facebook postings to the personally signed letters of world class banking executives. Hardy parsing of detailed fact sheets and watertight arguments are implemented into its pages, to ensure that the JEFFREE press release survives even the harshest editorial activities.


With an innovative approach to getting the message out using fact checker-resistant turns of phrase, the press releases stay true to form and unscathed regardless of the journalist’s slanting. Clients are also assured that accuracy is maintained with the use of premium grammar and spell checking tools.


“My unyielding goal is to push the envelope on copywriting and textual constructs, to offer unprecedented quality and support for your customers and readers, with an attention to detail that my competition cannot duplicate,” shares REVOLT’s founder Jeffree Benet.


An avid fan of JEFFREE’s work, Executive Creative Director Greg Sutcliffe says, “Jeff is expressive, friendly and passionate. He works well within a team structure and excels when he is set his own targets and can work with a high degree of autonomy. He works quickly and efficiently and is well versed in a wide range of software that helps him express his ideas without recourse to the studio.”


JEFFREE gives you an extra reason to spend quality time with your clients this year. Plan a media campaign with your journalist database - post a brief of what you need done in JEFFREE’s LinkedIn mailbox, and let him show you how good his skills are and win more work from your clients!


For some samples of JEFFREE’s previous PR work, please refer to Appendix A.


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JEFFREE is exclusively available in the Eastern European cities of Prague and Budapest.



About Jeffree Benet

Jeffree is a Californian with over 11-years experience living and working in the Czech Republic, working in media and advertising (Think Magazine, Hele Magazine, McCann Erickson, JWT, Mather Advertures, Leo Burnett, etc.). Working primarily as a copywriter and publisher, and with significant design experience, he has a great understanding of the Czech language that can come only from working with it on a daily basis, and speaks Czech on the intermediate level. As for native English, he is an English major and award-winning advertising copywriter who has written hundreds of press releases, articles and ad copy for the biggest names in the industry; HSBC bank, Martini, Vodafone/Oskar, Maybelline, Nestle, Rolex, and many more. He can write in American, British, International and Straights English styles as well. You can see some of his works at


Jeffree is available on a full or flex-time basis, and has his own company for billing purposes and ease of employment.


About Revolt Communications

Revolt is a specialty communication arts company that focuses on marketing, media and advertising production of unique communication pieces for a full range of professional clients. The company’s mission is to make unique advertising affordable and accessible to businesses both great and small, starting them on their journey to business growth. The Revolt name comes from its Latin roots, Middle French revolter, from Italian rivoltare "to overthrow, overturn" frequentative of Latin revolvere (past participle revolutus), which literally means, "turn, roll back".


Revolt Communications was set up in 2007 and because of the founder’s belief that quality communication is always referred back to, either to the offer in the original communication, or to the brand in the consumer’s mindspace, Revolt believes that communication materials are worthless if no one is attracted to it or reads it. It is wasted if no one remembers its message...


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Issued for and on behalf of Jeffree Benet by Jeffree Benet, Chief Word Wrangler at Revolt Communications.


For media enquiries, please contact:

Jeffree Benet

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tel: +420 776 543 089