HSBC Global Commercial Banking Campaign

The Brief
CMB is one of the most successful and dynamic parts of the HSBC business representing in excess of 24% of the bank's profit. Also, it is a hugely important part of the world's local bank brand in that it is one of the best examples of its universal, joined-up expertise providing international finance, transactions and support, as well as high quality relationship services for smaller domestic businesses. The desire was to continue to promote CMB as a relevant and cohesive part of the world's local bank brand whilst recognising the different motivations and issues that business banking faces.

The creative strategy focus I approached it with was to demonstrate that HSBC understands the multi-faceted values of success to which its multi-faceted customer base aspires. Because they deal with every sort of business customer, from global corporates to one-man bands all around the world, HSBC can better recognise their different business motivations, understand their financial needs and better respond to help them succeed.

The Proposition
Recognising that what it takes to succeed in business today is the specialised knowledge of people from everywhere, I set out to show that HSBC recognises that international business people of all sorts have different views about what success feels like and how they want to make it happen. So I highlighted the position that HSBC understandss people's priorities and values and therefore is better able to address their needs. HSBC has an unparalleled global reach with an understanding of customers in 64 countries and territories spanning 140 years. If your success is being international, shouldn't your bank be too?

The Solution
Your business success is out there. Is your bank?


(click here to see the animatics of this campaign, which unfortunately were cancelled mid production due to the global economic downturn)

I conceived and wrote as well the microsite for CMB

and you can see the outdoor work, here, and here.