HSBC Global Campaign

The Brief
The Cultural Collisions and Points of View campaigns have made HSBC and The World’s Local Bank famous. But the customer has failed to see the relevance of differences in local culture and customs to the financial services that HSBC delivers. Financial services have traditionally offered customers the storage of, and the access to, money. However, increasingly, this role is changing and evolving to deliver the access to information about money and its uses.

What is also clear is that a gap also exists between:

  1. What money means to a bank and what a bank knows about money, and,
  2. What money means to a customer and what a customer wants to know about money. Banks fail to understand and appreciate the priorities and values that shape "my" financial needs.

HSBC already has a lot of products and services that are tailored to bridge this gap, to meet the financial needs of modern customers: Premier, Green products, Passport, Amanah (Shariah compliant banking), Tu Cuenta (bundled products), Direct, Financial Planning Meetings, etc. HSBC is committed to further build its business around discovering and delivering on what matters to different people about their money.

The Proposition
Position HSBC as understanding people’s priorities and values and therefore better able to address their needs. HSBC is not a bank.

The Solution
The more you look at the world, the more you recognise people's different values. People-wise banking from HSBC.