Today's TV commercials reach more people than yesterday's.

Thanks to the internet and other methods of delivery, the TVC reaches more consumers, more forcefully, more quickly, and more memorably than any print ad or article can. But first it must be attractive enough for them to choose to click on it, and good concepts are key.

Your Kidneys are amazing organs.

The following is an awareness commercial I wrote and produced while at the NKF Singapore, and the objective was to get people to think more about their kidneys as essential organs which need care and a lifestyle awareness to avoid problems in at risk individuals.

The script follows the storyboard...

Guess TVC

While working on the Guess account, I was tasked by the creative director to take a really great idea and script it and storyboard it for shooting. The result, shot in black and white in Europe, was this cinematic style 3-minute mini-movie revolving around the tale of an elegant European woman on the run from a mysterious man, who wants a tape she has.

She runs into an American making his way across Europe, and he helps her past the police check points. Later, while avoiding the man and his henchmen on a train, she ducks into a cabin and encounters him again. Pretending to be intimate, she fools the henchmen, and slyly slips the tape into his bag.

In the final TVC, she meets him working on the docks, and asks for the tape, the man hot on her heels. The American gives the man his tape, and she becomes distraught, only to be handed the real tape and directions to safe passage on a tug.

The reason the tape was made so central to the commercials was the agency was trying to win over the business from Memorex, but they sadly declined...

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Airwalk TVCs

Some of the TVCs I wrote for Airwalk Shoes with Russ Lamoureaux. The first one was the most scripted one, which I wrote exclusively, the original text was over 30 seconds intentionally to force an 'information overload' audio treatment, used to great effect.

Oskar Kontakt TVC

"Talk more for less". Nothing captures the audience's sympathy better than a man with a nagging wife. A 30sec TVC illustrating that the more you talk, the less you have to pay.

Working on the Oskar Mobile retention pitch, I left a bunch of concepts written in Word on the server at the agency. A couple years later it seems someone at the agency made one of them, pretty amazing. This TVC is based on a true story...

HSBC Global Animatics

In the last quarter of 2008, the world was hit by the worst global downturn in living memory. At the time, I was working as the CD on the global HSBC account, and we had just finished up the famous HSBC Lassi commercial and were in the middle of production for 3 more in the series. Sad to say, the crash halted production, so I don't have the final TVCs we shot, but here are the animatics I wrote.

Maestro-Cirrus card launch TVC

In Czech, this TVC is one of twelve market versions for the Maestro-Cirrus launch of debit cards in Eastern Europe. The commerical has a rather generic look without displaying any recognisable landmarks, ethno-types or currencies, as this commercial had to run in several diverse markets at the same time.

I wrote the idiom free main copy, which was then translated into the various languages

Gambrinus "Ne, dobry pivo."

This is the storyboard of a TVC I wrote on a freelance basis for the agency handling this Czech brewing giant. I was not around for the production, and someone unprompted talked about seeing it on TV (thought it was bizarre), but unfortunately, to date, I've still not found a copy of this fun commercial...

gambrinus beer commercial

The Journey to Values

SYNOPSIS: The journey of a paper currency and the lives of the vastly different people who come into contact with it as it goes from the one person around the town or even the world.

This plan suggests HSBC create a vanity URL where the user enters the nation and the serial number of paper money and every time someone new gets a hold of that piece of currency and enters it into the web-site, it keeps track of how far it travelled and how long it took to get there... even notifies other previous "owners" of that money.

The Journey of Value could be very interesting as a consumer engagement tool if you consider how so many monetary transactions are made and nobody even thinks about it.

The Jouney of Value

TVC Script, HSBC - The Beach

J Walter Thompson logo



We open on a softly rolling hillside sloping down onto a Swedish beach. It is a clear but obviously chilly day outside and we see our protagonist, lugging a beach chair, umbrella and cooler, somewhat clumsily down to the beach, his hands are full.

He walks past a pair of Japanese sports tourists, fishing from the shore.

VO: This is not bad timing.

He starts to set up the beach chairs and goes through the elaborate ritual of preparing his set up and finishing, satisfied that everything is ok, takes off his sweat suit to reveal brief swim trunks.

VO: This is anticipation.

The Japanese fishermen look at each other with puzzled expressions. They look at the Swede basking in the sunlight, who waves at them nonchalantly.

Non-plussed, they shrug their shoulders at each other, indicating ‘why not?’

VO: This is not absurdity

CUT: Next we see the three of them running down to the beach, the Japanese guys stripping off their winter wear (down to white underwear) and the three dive into the crashing waves.

VO: This is summer in Sweden, the nicest day of the year.

The screen turns to white and then the voiceover says:

The more you look at the world, the more you recognize people’s different values.

The HSBC logo appears with the endline “the world’s local bank” This is replaced by a web address which reads,

TVC Script, HSBC - The Words

J Walter Thompson logo



We open on a family with a young male toddler are having a meal at a table. The environment is light and bright and everyone is a having a great time. The father, interacting with his child, holds up a toy gun…

DAD: Hey fella, what’s this?


SUPER: This is not a banana.

The mother looks at the father disapprovingly, shaking her head she takes the gun and puts it out of site, and holds up a wild-eyed dog puppet

MOM: And what is thiiiis?

TODDLER: (excitedly) Puppy!

SUPER: This is teaching values.

The parents, both excited that the child got one right, decide to try again, this time mom points to dad and asks;

MOTHER: …and what is that?


SUPER: This is a child’s love.

The parents both cheer, the baby is getting excited, and because the child is so obviously clever, the mom, wanting the same reaction, goes [pointing at herself],

MOTHER: What's this?

TODDLER: Boobie!

The father grins wide and rubs the little tykes head, obviously he has the father’s values.

SUPER: This is father's little man.

The screen turns to white and then the voiceover says: The more you look at the world, the more you recognize people’s different values.

The HSBC logo appears with the endline “the world’s local bank” This is replaced by a web address which reads,

TVC Script, HSBC - The Gift

J Walter Thompson logo



We open on a humble rural house in a village north of Bangkok. The opening shot is through the front door, where in the background we see an elderly grandmother in a chair watching TV. Birthday decorations are being put up by an older gentleman, some other women are setting up tables of food on the patio and a traditional band is warming up. The mother is standing at the front entryway, talking to boys, young twins about 17-19 years old, sitting on their scooters. She hands them each a wad of cash, and tells them with sternness:

MOM: Buy grandma something that benefits the whole family.

A voiceover says: This is not a challenge.

The two boys give each other a competitive look. They get on their scooters, and at the bottom of the driveway, go in separate directions.

A voiceover says: This is rivalry.

CUT TO SIDE-BY-SIDE FRAMES: The boys are hurrying through various market places, looking for the perfect gift.

CLOSE IN TO RIGHT FRAME: One of the twins is haggling with a livestock dealer, and you see him finally taking possession of a large goat. He looks satisfied with himself. He has a look of triumph on his face.

A voiceover says: This is not defeat.

CUT: He walks up the driveway however, and the patio is deserted, but everything is laid out for a feast! Looking panicked, he calls out, but no one answers. Leaving the goat behind, he runs into the house fearing the worst as he hears excited yelling.

Into the main quarters, he sees the whole group crowded around Yhi’s chair. He is visibly distraught, and pushes his way past people to get to the centre… Only to find grandma in her chair, playing a Playstation, and scoring well!

A voiceover says: This is victory.

CUT TO: The other twin, sitting on the floor in front of her chair, looks up and smiles knowingly as he nods acknowledgement to his brother.

Grandma scores some final victory, and everyone turns to see him.

The screen turns to white and then the voiceover says:

The more you look at the world, the more you recognize people’s different values.

CLOSE UP ON THE GOAT: The goat bleats for attention, as if to say, hey, what about me?

The HSBC logo appears with the endline "the world's local bank" This is replaced by a web address which reads,

TVC Script, HSBC - The Piano

J Walter Thompson logo



We open on a small museum in Europe, quiet and dusty, light streaming in, you can see that it is late afternoon.

A bored security guard is lazily walking his rounds, and notices a young woman admiring an antique piano surrounded by a velvet rope. A sign on the top of the piano says Mozart, or Beethoven or some such, the piano of a musical genius.

VO: This is not a piano.

The guard, curious, stands next to the girl, he never quite understands what people see in it. The girl looks up to him, a bit hopeful, and, going into her purse, pulls out a bill and offers it to him.

VO:This is a tempting opportunity.

GIRL: Do you think I could play it? (she says or indicates)

The guard, refusing the bribe, nonchalantly opens the velvet rope and indicates she can.

The girl sits at the piano, there is tension… is she any good?

The girl then plays a beautiful sonata, the guard looks on, nodding slight approval.

She finishes up, and is obviously happy.

VO:This is not pride.

GIRL: I bet many great pianists come and want to play this piano.

GUARD: (shaking his head ‘no.’) None thought they were worthy...

VO: This is confidence

The screen turns to white and then the voiceover says:

The more you look at the world, the more you recognize people’s different values.

The HSBC logo appears with the endline "the world's local bank" This is replaced by a web address which reads,

The Importance of You

NKF logo


NKF-Lecture Series Welcome Video Script

Hello and welcome to the National Kidney Foundation’s Open House Lecture Series. This building you are sitting in is here as a result of people like you who care about the suffering of others, and have decided to make a stand and do something about it.

You see, at the NKF, people are seen and treated as our most valuable assets, because we realize the importance of you, our partners, in meeting the mission of this agency and look forward to working with you this year.

Mahatma Gandhi once said, “We cannot become what we need to be, by remaining what we are. We must become the change we want to see.”

And above all, as we grow and change, one thing remains the same: the importance of you, our members and supporters, in helping us improve the quality of the services provided by the NKF. As our partners, we remain committed to giving you the tools, information, and support you need to practice and communicate healthy living and a quality life.

Our mission is to save as many lives and prevent as much needless suffering as possible. As we enter our 35th year, this challenge is certainly not over - in many ways, we’ve just begun.

These are interesting times, as increased access to information and medical technology has given citizens greater control over their lives. Our responsibilities to the community are greater too, as well as our awareness of the importance of you in our industry - we can't do it with out you. People are the foundation to the new future and renewal comes from the leadership of every one of us. In that way, we all have something in common. With the power and energy of the whole public service, we can accomplish anything.

SUPER: “No sensible decision can be made any longer without taking into account not only the world as it is, but the world as it will be. - Isaac Asimov (1920-1992), science fiction writer and scientist.