Guess TVC

While working on the Guess account, I was tasked by the creative director to take a really great idea and script it and storyboard it for shooting. The result, shot in black and white in Europe, was this cinematic style 3-minute mini-movie revolving around the tale of an elegant European woman on the run from a mysterious man, who wants a tape she has.

She runs into an American making his way across Europe, and he helps her past the police check points. Later, while avoiding the man and his henchmen on a train, she ducks into a cabin and encounters him again. Pretending to be intimate, she fools the henchmen, and slyly slips the tape into his bag.

In the final TVC, she meets him working on the docks, and asks for the tape, the man hot on her heels. The American gives the man his tape, and she becomes distraught, only to be handed the real tape and directions to safe passage on a tug.

The reason the tape was made so central to the commercials was the agency was trying to win over the business from Memorex, but they sadly declined...

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3