TVC Script, HSBC - The Beach

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We open on a softly rolling hillside sloping down onto a Swedish beach. It is a clear but obviously chilly day outside and we see our protagonist, lugging a beach chair, umbrella and cooler, somewhat clumsily down to the beach, his hands are full.

He walks past a pair of Japanese sports tourists, fishing from the shore.

VO: This is not bad timing.

He starts to set up the beach chairs and goes through the elaborate ritual of preparing his set up and finishing, satisfied that everything is ok, takes off his sweat suit to reveal brief swim trunks.

VO: This is anticipation.

The Japanese fishermen look at each other with puzzled expressions. They look at the Swede basking in the sunlight, who waves at them nonchalantly.

Non-plussed, they shrug their shoulders at each other, indicating ‘why not?’

VO: This is not absurdity

CUT: Next we see the three of them running down to the beach, the Japanese guys stripping off their winter wear (down to white underwear) and the three dive into the crashing waves.

VO: This is summer in Sweden, the nicest day of the year.

The screen turns to white and then the voiceover says:

The more you look at the world, the more you recognize people’s different values.

The HSBC logo appears with the endline “the world’s local bank” This is replaced by a web address which reads,