TVC Script, HSBC - The Words

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We open on a family with a young male toddler are having a meal at a table. The environment is light and bright and everyone is a having a great time. The father, interacting with his child, holds up a toy gun…

DAD: Hey fella, what’s this?


SUPER: This is not a banana.

The mother looks at the father disapprovingly, shaking her head she takes the gun and puts it out of site, and holds up a wild-eyed dog puppet

MOM: And what is thiiiis?

TODDLER: (excitedly) Puppy!

SUPER: This is teaching values.

The parents, both excited that the child got one right, decide to try again, this time mom points to dad and asks;

MOTHER: …and what is that?


SUPER: This is a child’s love.

The parents both cheer, the baby is getting excited, and because the child is so obviously clever, the mom, wanting the same reaction, goes [pointing at herself],

MOTHER: What's this?

TODDLER: Boobie!

The father grins wide and rubs the little tykes head, obviously he has the father’s values.

SUPER: This is father's little man.

The screen turns to white and then the voiceover says: The more you look at the world, the more you recognize people’s different values.

The HSBC logo appears with the endline “the world’s local bank” This is replaced by a web address which reads,