TVC Script, HSBC - The Gift

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We open on a humble rural house in a village north of Bangkok. The opening shot is through the front door, where in the background we see an elderly grandmother in a chair watching TV. Birthday decorations are being put up by an older gentleman, some other women are setting up tables of food on the patio and a traditional band is warming up. The mother is standing at the front entryway, talking to boys, young twins about 17-19 years old, sitting on their scooters. She hands them each a wad of cash, and tells them with sternness:

MOM: Buy grandma something that benefits the whole family.

A voiceover says: This is not a challenge.

The two boys give each other a competitive look. They get on their scooters, and at the bottom of the driveway, go in separate directions.

A voiceover says: This is rivalry.

CUT TO SIDE-BY-SIDE FRAMES: The boys are hurrying through various market places, looking for the perfect gift.

CLOSE IN TO RIGHT FRAME: One of the twins is haggling with a livestock dealer, and you see him finally taking possession of a large goat. He looks satisfied with himself. He has a look of triumph on his face.

A voiceover says: This is not defeat.

CUT: He walks up the driveway however, and the patio is deserted, but everything is laid out for a feast! Looking panicked, he calls out, but no one answers. Leaving the goat behind, he runs into the house fearing the worst as he hears excited yelling.

Into the main quarters, he sees the whole group crowded around Yhi’s chair. He is visibly distraught, and pushes his way past people to get to the centre… Only to find grandma in her chair, playing a Playstation, and scoring well!

A voiceover says: This is victory.

CUT TO: The other twin, sitting on the floor in front of her chair, looks up and smiles knowingly as he nods acknowledgement to his brother.

Grandma scores some final victory, and everyone turns to see him.

The screen turns to white and then the voiceover says:

The more you look at the world, the more you recognize people’s different values.

CLOSE UP ON THE GOAT: The goat bleats for attention, as if to say, hey, what about me?

The HSBC logo appears with the endline "the world's local bank" This is replaced by a web address which reads,