TVC Script, HSBC - The Piano

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We open on a small museum in Europe, quiet and dusty, light streaming in, you can see that it is late afternoon.

A bored security guard is lazily walking his rounds, and notices a young woman admiring an antique piano surrounded by a velvet rope. A sign on the top of the piano says Mozart, or Beethoven or some such, the piano of a musical genius.

VO: This is not a piano.

The guard, curious, stands next to the girl, he never quite understands what people see in it. The girl looks up to him, a bit hopeful, and, going into her purse, pulls out a bill and offers it to him.

VO:This is a tempting opportunity.

GIRL: Do you think I could play it? (she says or indicates)

The guard, refusing the bribe, nonchalantly opens the velvet rope and indicates she can.

The girl sits at the piano, there is tension… is she any good?

The girl then plays a beautiful sonata, the guard looks on, nodding slight approval.

She finishes up, and is obviously happy.

VO:This is not pride.

GIRL: I bet many great pianists come and want to play this piano.

GUARD: (shaking his head ‘no.’) None thought they were worthy...

VO: This is confidence

The screen turns to white and then the voiceover says:

The more you look at the world, the more you recognize people’s different values.

The HSBC logo appears with the endline "the world's local bank" This is replaced by a web address which reads,